Hyundai to debut two vehicles in Frankfurt

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Hyundai to debut two vehicles in Frankfurt

Keep your eyes on Hyundai in the coming weeks. The Korean manufacturer, which has already catapulted itself to the top of the UK sales charts, will now debut two new vehicles at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

First is the ix-Metro, a new hybrid electric CUV concept for the sub-B segment that promises carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions at a meagre 80g/km. Second, is the i10 Electric, an electric urban commuter vehicle which will begin limited series production at the start of 2010.

The ix-Metro will be powered by an inline three-cylinder, 1.0litre petrol engine with direct injection, dual CVVT and turbocharging. It is the fifth in a series of concept cars created by the Global Design Team in Namyang, Korea.

The i10 Electric meanwhile, will be sold to government ministries, utilities and state corporations initially. It is powered by a 49kW motor and a 16kWh battery with a driving range of 99 miles and a top speed of 81mph. It also includes x-by-wire systems for steering, as well as air conditioning, a brake vacuum pump and a water pump.

Hyundai's innovations don't end there, however. The Frankfurt Motor Show will also mark the European debut of the ix35 which made its initial appearance in the Korean market earlier this month. An updated Sante Fe will also be on display with a 2.2 version of the all-new R diesel. There will also be a Blue edition of the popular i30 featuring stop-and-go emissions reduction technology with a CO2 rating of 113g/km.

Also keep your eyes peeled for two other Blue Drive vehicles including the Elantra LPI Hybrid, which emits just 94g/km of CO2; and the Blue Will Plug-In Hybrid Electric concept vehicle.


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